• Hydrofera Blue Ready Antibacterial Foam Dressing Brand/Manufacturer: HOLLISTER INCORPORATED FSA APPROVED Hydrofera Blue Ready Antibacterial Foam Dressing has spectrum […]

  • WOUND EDUCATION GUIDE Shop Wound Care Wound Education Guide – Wound Care Termonology WOUND CARE TERMINOLOGY – WOUND EDUCATION GUIDEAerobic […]

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    UPWalker Lite This revolutionary breakthrough in mobility The UPWalker Lite is a lighter weight, smaller profile and lower priced version of the original UPWalker especially well-suited for […]

  • The Handi-Grip PRO Reacher by The Helping Hand Company grabber tool picks up everyday objects around the home just like your own finger and thumb. The rotating jaws help make picking up hard-to-reach items e […]

  • Sammons Preston Basic Assistive Device Kit II is designed to assist those who have reduced reaching capabilities. This kit is packaged in a plastic bag.  

  • Folding Reacher Grabber by Vive is designed to provide easy access to hard-reaching areas and pick up items from compact spaces where you don’t have access to reach,

  • Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Vibrating Fire Alarm and Clock  Lifetone HLAC151 Quick Start Guide STEP 1 – POWERING THE HLAC151 Remove the battery door from the back of your HLAC151. Insert four D-cell […]

  • Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat is made with the soft-touch material. Features Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat fits round toilet bowls Great to use at home and can also be taken along on […]

  • The Safe-t-mate Personal Fall Monitor is ideal for users who are at risk for falls when getting out of a wheelchair or bed The Safe-t-mate Personal Fall Monitor can be used on a wheelchair, bed, walker or s […]

  • A3BS Delux Pregnancy Nine Series Model includes 9 models to demostrate the complete stages of development Features A3BS Delux Pregnancy nine Series Model contains: – Embryo approx. 4 weeks old, 25 times […]

  • Alimed Tongue Press is a therapy tool for strengthening the tongue to improve speech and swallowing. Features Alimed Tongue Press have water-filled bulb which is placed on the tongue and pressed against […]

  • Clip Shoehorn makes it easy to put on shoes without bending since no hands are necessary. How to use a Shoehorn? Position the blade of the shoehorn in the heel area, against the back of the shoe. Slip […]

  • Maddak Roll Easy Lotion Applicator Features of Maddak Back Lotion Applicator Gently massage the body making the lotion applying experience more enjoyable A pivoting head on the handle allows the […]

  • Medicool NailCare Plus Battery Powered Manicure And Pedicure Machine Why Choose Medicool Manicure And Pedicure Machine? Features Medicool NailCare Plus Battery Powered Foot And Nail Care Manicure […]

  • The sock helper is designed to pull on a sock or stocking independently to make this process easier. Features Lightweight simple and easy to use and store Made from smooth and durable plastic Includes […]

  • Folding Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip empowers individuals facing mobility issues, low hand strength, or arthritis to gain independent access to many essential items, reducing their reliance on […]

  • The Smart Caregiver Cordless Alarm and Chair Pad immediately alerts caretakers when their patient attempts to leave their chair. The Chair Pad provides an early warning alert system to the caretaker. This helps p […]

  • The Smart Caregiver Cordless Alarm and Floor Pad immediately alerts caregivers when the patient puts pressure on the sensor matt. This floor pad alarm system is cord-free, wireless, pre-programmed, and h […]

  • The T-Handle Pull Door Closer makes door closing easier for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. This ergonomic handle provides increased leverage for closing the door. Product F […]

  • Tumble Form Chair is a complete package Features Accomodates infants through adolescents Flexible tilt-in-space floor seating system is ideal for children and adults with special needs Developed o […]

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