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To promote better understanding of issues faced by people with disabilities

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On the 3rd of December every year, the world observes the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This day aims to promote better understanding of issues faced by people with disabilities, and to mobilize support for their dignity, rights and well-being. This year’s theme “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world” calls for actions to tackle challenges affecting the lives of persons with disabilities through innovation and technology solutions for inclusive development.

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Transformative solutions for equitable access to TB services for persons with disabilities

Tuberculosis is one of the leading causes of ill health and suffering globally, and people with TB often suffer various forms of impairment and disability because of the disease. Furthermore, people with disabilities often face challenges in accessing health services, including services for the prevention and treatment of TB. This has particularly severe socioeconomic implications, considering that TB primarily affects people and communities that are already vulnerable. This makes it critical to address disability as part of interventions for people with TB, as well as to facilitate access to TB services for all people with disabilities. Read more

Transformative solutions for equitable access to TB services for persons with disabilities

Transformative solutions for equitable access to TB services for persons with disabilities

How to Celebrate International Day of Disabled Persons 2023 in the Workplace

How to Celebrate International Day of Disabled Persons 2023 in the Workplace

International Day of Disabled Persons recognises visible and invisible disabilities, to promote the importance of inclusion in life and the workplace. An annual event, World Disability Day is hosted by the United Nations and encourages business leaders across the globe to value the unique contributions of disabled people.  

In this post, discover how to celebrate and support disabled employees in your workplace. 

SourceInternational Day of People with Disabilities  

When is the International Day of Disabled Persons 2023? 

International Day of Disabled Persons is the 3rd of December 2023. First launched in 1992, the event is in its 29th year of celebration, marking nearly three decades of meaningful change for the disabled community.  

SourceUnited Nations 

Host a Training Session

The best way to ignite meaningful change in your workplace is to host a disability training session. Anyone can be affected by a disability, so it is important to ensure all employees understand the importance of accessibility to cultivate an inclusive culture.   

5 Benefits of Disability Awareness Training:

  1. Improve Customer Service: Employees who recognise different conditions will better serve your customers, who may have such disorders. 
  2. Learn the Legal Requirements: Reduce the risk of legal implications or unfair treatment by learning about the Equality Act 2010
  3. Encourage Open Communication: Disabled people live with their conditions every day, so training can supply wellbeing support through open communication.  
  4. Transform Perceptions: Reduce unconscious bias and misinformation through an informative training session, which informs your able-bodied staff. 
  5. Validate Disabled Staff: A training session shows disabled employees that their feelings, experiences, and struggles are valid. 


Perrine Farque
Founder of Inspired Human Who Was Nominated in Top 50 Women in Tech

Recognise Neurodiversity

One of the most common invisible disabilities, it is vital to recognise neurodiversity in your workplace. These people uniquely view the world, as their brains are wired differently from their able-bodied counterparts. Neurodiversity speakers regularly attend corporate events to promote the many strengths of neurodiversity and dismantle the stigma. 

What is Neurodiversity? 

Examples of neurodiversity include: 

  • ADHD 
  • Autism 
  • Dyspraxia 
  • Dyslexia 
  • Dyscalculia 
  • Dysgraphia 
  • Tourette’s Syndrome 

Neurodiversity defines natural variations of the human brain which influence their cognitive and intellectual processes. 


Hire an International Day of Disabled Persons Speaker

This World Disability Day, hire a disability awareness speaker whose personal experiences will resonate with your employees. These inspirational figures overcome physical and mental hurdles to thrive in their respective sectors, making for a truly empowering speech at corporate events.  

Speakers for International Day of Disabled Persons 2023

Ade Adepitan
Paralympic Bronze Winning Basketball Player, Named on the 100 Most Influential Black British People Powerlist

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