Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing

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Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing with Safetac is designed to protect and treat the sacral area for pressure ulcers. It is an absorbent dressing that effectively absorbs and retains exudate and maintains a moist wound healing environment. It seals the wound edges, preventing the exudate from leaking onto the surrounding skin, thus minimizing the risk for maceration. It also ensures that the dressing can be changed without damaging the wound or surrounding skin or exposing the patient to additional pain.

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Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing with Safetac is designed to protect and treat the sacral area for pressure ulcers

Why choose Mepilex Border Sacrum Dressing?

  • Unique and protective 5-layer design
  • Optimisation of dressing shape to ehance coverage of high risk areas
  • Enhanced, thicker dressing borders allowing efficient handling
  • Visual handling tabs provide the user information on dressing ;hold; position
  • Optimized gluteal seal for enhanced protection of high-risk sacral areas
Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing

Molnlycke Mepilex Border Foam Dressing Features

  • Designed to prevent and treat a wide range of exuding wounds like sacral pressure ulcers.
  • Molnlycke dressing is scientifically proven to help prevent pressure ulcers, helping to minimize the effect of extrinsic risk factors like friction, pressure, shear, and micro-climate.
  • It may also be used on dry/necrotic wounds with gels for required results.
  • Minimizes pain and trauma at dressing changes
  • It offers a combination of excellent fluid handling capacity and retention for effective exudate management with less risk of maceration.
  • May remain in place for several days, depending on the condition of the wound.
  • Mepilex Dressing may be lifted and adjusted without losing its adherent properties.
  • Moisture-proof and bacteria proof film backing
  • Self-adherent dressing that requires no secondary fixation
  • Suitable to be used under compression bandages
  • Low potential for skin irritation and allergy
  • Promotes patient comfort during wear
  • Less friction against clothes and bed linens to provide optimum protection to the skin.
  • Reduces risk for leakage and maceration
  • Atraumatic to wound and surrounding skin
  • Moisture vapor permeable less trauma and pain for the patient
  • More secure fixation protects from outer contamination
  • Showerproof, bacteria and viral barrier

How does Molnlycke Foam Dressing work?

Mepilex Border Sacrum foam dressing comprises of five layers which work in the following manner:

  • Safetac layer – Located closest to the skin and helps in the prevention of horizontal leakage
  • Absorption layer – Provides quick and effective absorption
  • Spreading layer – Evenly distributes exudate into the retention layer
  • Retention layer – Prevents exudate from going back into the skin, reducing the risk of maceration
  • Backing film – Waterproof, bacteria proof, and highly breathable to protect the wound from outer contamination

Absorption, Retention, and Spreading layers maintain an optimal moisture level and minimize the risk of skin breakdowns. They help in dissipating shear and redistributing pressure. The elasticity of the Safetac layer helps dissipate shear forces and provides easy repositioning of dressing after skin assessment in pressure ulcer prevention.

When to use Mepilex Sacrum Border?

  • For optimal exudate management with excellent fluid handling and retention capacity
  • For treatment of medium to highly exuding sacral wounds such as pressure ulcers or surgical excision of pilonidal cysts
  • As a primary dressing for shallow wounds or as a secondary dressing for deeper wounds
  • To influence four extrinsic factors that can add to the development of pressure ulcers: to redistribute pressure, reduce friction, redistribute shear, and maintain an optimal microclimate.
  • As part of prophylactic therapy, regimen to help prevent skin damage, like pressure ulcers.

Mepilex Border Safetac Technology

Mepilex Border Safetac Technology

Safetac is a soft silicone adhesive technology patented by Molnlycke Health Care. It assists in optimizing the wound healing journey. Mepilex Border with Safetac technology reduces tissue damage and patient pain during dressing changes. It does not adhere to the moist wound bed, seals the edges of the wound, prevents the exudate leakage onto the surrounding skin, reduces the risk for maceration, and does not strip off skin while maintaining a microclimate optimal for wound healing. This results in less stressful dressing changes, less pain, and potentially a faster healing process.

How to apply Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing?

How to use Mepilex Border Sacrum Dressing?
  • First, position the patient lying in a side position and prepare the patient’s skin by cleansing with a pH-balanced soap, chlorhexidine baby wipe, or warm water.
  • Removal of any previously applied barrier ointment is essential.
  • Further care should be taken not to use dimethicone barrier wipes in the area where the dressing will be applied, as this will decrease adherence to the skin.
  • Once the surface is clean and dry, remove only the center release film of the Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing and fold the dressing in half.
  • Next, apply the central aspect of the adhesive side of the dressing so that it begins at the proximal margin of the sacrum and terminates within the gluteal fold.
  • Taking time to smooth the central aspect of the dressing to the skin first and holding it in place for 10 to 15 seconds will ensure that a good seal is achieved between the dressing and the skin.
  • Finally, remove the remaining release film from each side of the dressing and smooth the dressing evenly onto the bilateral buttocks one side at a time.
  • The Safetac technology of this dressing allows it to be peeled back without traumatizing the skin for proper skin assessment.
  • To minimize rolling of the product edges, keep the dressing taut and employ a top-to-bottom pole or a diagonal down approach.
  • Finally, hold the dressing taut as you smooth it back onto the skin.
  • A good rule of thumb is to contemplate a policy that advocates for the dressing to be changed every three days to visualize skin under the bandage.
  • Providing changes every three days also decreases the potential for rolling the dressing edges with the frequent peel-back technique.
  • Additionally, some clinicians report success painting the dressing borders with skin prep after applying it to the skin to seal the edges against soiling from urine or stool.


  • In case of signs of clinical infection, consult a healthcare professional for adequate infection treatment.
  • Do not use Mepilex Border bandages with oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite solutions or hydrogen peroxide.
  • The dressing should be stored in dry conditions below 35°C (95F) and be protected from direct sunlight.
  • Do not use if the inner package is damaged.
  • Sterility is guaranteed if the inner package is intact. Do not resterilize.


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Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing
Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing
$16.99 $24.29
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